Big Data – Splunk & Hadoop services

You need help storing, managing and accessing your data, ideally to monetise it. Perhaps you need help figuring out what to do with it all. Ultimately, you want to leverage the latest technology to make the most of your data, becoming more information-driven and feeding business decisions, capabilities and agility with data analysis and insights.

With big data comes big decisions and many factors to consider. What do you store and where do you store it? (In the cloud or not?) Where is the data coming from and what is important? What needs to be analysed and how can you deliver insights to add value to your business or even earn revenue from it? Do you want to do this yourself, or are you looking for managed services ?

DiGICOR focuses on identifying your data sources, recommending what can be done with the data to add value to the business and then design a plan to unlock its hidden value.

DiGiCOR can help you find the gold in your structured and unstructured data.

Big data solutions don’t always start with big data requests.

When it comes to big data you may not even know what you need, and that’s ok! Because we take a whole-of-business approach, we consistently look for opportunities to help you make the most of your data.

A leading retailer came to DiGiCOR for a Point of Sale (POS) technology solution. Once we’d identified the POS terminals as a data collection point and outlined the possibilities for data analysis, the big data project began. We designed and implemented a solution to leverage that data and delivered relevant, actionable insights for their business.