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Leverage your investments in the Modern Data Centre

Businesses just like yours are modernizing their data centres with virtualization, storage and cloud technologies to try and meet today’s business needs and lower costs—but it’s not working! Despite massive investments, these businesses are struggling with exponential data growth of 30%—50% per year, and end users are still losing data and can’t access data and applications 24/7.

This opens a gap—an “availability gap”—between the requirements of the Always-On Business and IT’s ability to deliver on those requirements. What side of the availability gap are you on?

Veeam bridges this gap with a new kind of solution that offers Availability for the Always-On Enterprise, which delivers recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data. With Veeam, you’ll get a solution that delivers: High-Speed Recovery, Data Loss Avoidance, Verified Protection, Leveraged Data and Complete Visibility

That’s something that legacy backup solutions simply can’t claim, so why would they be a good fit for your Always-On Business?


Veeam Availability Suite:

Delivers Availability for the Modern Data Centre to enable the Always-On Business.

Veeam Backup & Replication:

Leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies to provide Availability for the Modern Data Centre

Veeam ONE:

Provides complete visibility through proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact

Veeam Cloud Connect:

Creates the ability to send backups & replicas from multiple offices to private cloud, public cloud or HQ data centre

Veeam Backup Essentials:

#1 VM Backup for small businesses

Veeam Management Pack for System Centre:

Unleash the power of System Centre for vSphere and Hyper-V!


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