Company Overview

“Tailored IT infrastructure solutions and expertise to make supercomputing affordable and accessible for organizations across all industries.”

We live in an era of the accelerated convergence of technologies. To capitalize on new technological innovations, organizations today have to reinvent their business methodologies to stand strong in the cut-throat markets. To fuel organizational goals, it is imperative to implement mission-critical IT business processes comprising of a robust IT infrastructure. In order to remain competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape, organizations require managed service interface technological systems to predict the changes before they happen. Digicor’s IT infrastructure solutions are precisely designed to enhance the business outcomes and increase revenue.









In this competitive era, organizations have to revamp their business methodologies in order to stay afloat and capitalize on the biggest technological frontiers. Robust IT infrastructure solutions can help organizations cope up with the growing demands of managing huge complex data sets and analytic workloads effortlessly.

With an increase in the demand for world-class technologies like machine learning, deep learning, AI, blockchain and big data analytics, use of accelerated infrastructure has become fundamental. Established in 1997, Digicor is an ISO accredited multi-national company providing fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure solutions required to advance AI, supercomputing and HPC to enterprises across New Zealand and Australia.

Bestowed with high professionalism, we have teamed up with “best-in-class” brands to offer complete tailor-made ICT infrastructure solutions and expertise to Universities and Research Institutes, Medical, Science, Mining & Engineering industries, Manufacturing, Corporations and other High-performance Computing markets.

Our portfolio includes a comprehensive range of customized high-performance supercomputing servers, network clusters, data center, storage solutions, surveillance, and hosting & cloud solutions. Our customer-centric model, innovative solutions coupled with feature-rich services help our customers compete, thrive, and achieve their goals in an ever-changing digital world.

With unparalleled technical skills, the strong foothold of innovative solutions, and an ability to offer services to organizations of all sizes with paramount perfection, we strive to be the first choice of our clients in the global market.

What sets us apart?

The scenario today

Conventional infrastructure service offerings are connected. Many are separate projects which are aimed at solving the challenges from a technical perspective. Various service providers are knowingly unaware of what other partners are delivering like one party develops a strategy, another works out an implementation plan, and still, another actually puts the plan into effect.

The Digicor difference

Our thorough domain expertise coupled with an exceptional, high-quality approach to integrate IT infrastructure products, solutions, and services help us customize machines to match the client’s requirements. We strive to specifically craft turnkey solutions that can support any complex IT technology environment and operate as a part of your core business effortlessly.

‘Digital-everything’ world demands better solutions and we understand it immensely. Our proficient team of experts is future ready to help our clients with on-premise solutions to achieve their business goals.