Enterprise Storage Solutions

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Organizations are adopting change with enterprise storage solutions in addition to new thinking. Over a period of time, organizations are developing on a large scale making storage one of the vital element in IT.

A plenty of innovation is seen in enterprise storage with the increasing demand for hybrid security as well as maintaining a significant amount of storage capacity on-premises for various reasons like performance and cost, regulatory compliance and security.

Digicor’s storage technologies are equipped with all the required expertise including Nimble and Tintri (VMware storage solutions) along with Hitachi enterprise storage solution. Digicor is a proactive and innovative IT services organization built to simplify enterprise storage solutions and power the intelligent edge. As a reliable technology partner, we have helped numerous fortune organizations and start-ups to streamline their legacy infrastructure by integrating the flexibility of cloud and enterprise solutions.

Focusing on local expertise along with exceptional business challenges, our endeavor is to help the organizations drive quick transformation using world-class enterprise storage solutions. Our aim is to be brand agnostic to offer you with various solutions based on features, benefits, functionality, and availability. Our technical engineers and storage consultants can provide you quotes, detailed specifications, demo units and in various cases try before you buy proof of concept models.

Features of our Enterprise Storage Solution:

  • The correct combination of speed, security, and recovery.
  • Reliable and accessible data storage solutions that are cost-effective and scale rapidly.
  • Solid-state storage solutions that integrate speed with reliability.
  • Automated backup solutions that offer versatile recovery points for quick business recovery.
  • Network-attached storage solutions that provide security, optimal capacity, and recovery for multi-site companies.
  • Intelligent search capabilities for effortless information management.
  • Partners Nimble, Tintri and Hitachi storage provides virtualized storage solutions that enable the companies to quickly and cost-effectively scale out their storage.


Benefits of the Nimble Storage Systems

  • Blazingly Fast Performance and Up and running in half a day
  • The right balance of capacity with performance
  • Massive Scalability – Pay as you grow
  • No Licenses & Single Pane of Glass
  • Remote Diagnostics of Storage Environment
  • Replication Built In & Zero Impact Snapshots
  • Tight Integration with VMWare with No Downtime hardware refresh

Benefits of the Tintri Storage Systems

  • Lower Capital and Operational Costs
  • High Performance & Plug & Play Scalability
  • Simple Deployment and Intuitive Administration
  • Identifies Bottlenecks instantly & Enable Higher Productivity Globally
  • Protects VMs Painlessly, Easy VMs Cloning with Industry’s best VM Density

Benefits of the Hitachi Storage Platforms

  • IT Intelligence with Simplified Data Protection
  • Advance Storage Management and Automation
  • More flash performance, Adaptive data reduction and Faster response times
  • Robust, automated data management and availability
  • Enhanced automation and agility with advanced storage system functions and management
  • Higher ROI on IT infrastructure investments while minimizing operational costs