Finance & Insurance

“Empowering the worldwide competitiveness of enterprises with intelligent IT solutions”

Technology is transforming the way the society learns, communicates and collaborates. Every industry has to adapt to digital transformation as it is now required to thrive. Technology in the financial and insurance sector has proved to be a beneficial, revitalizing their practices and the manner in which they operate.

Whether minimizing operational costs or delivering new competencies, Digicor understands the needs of financial institutes, capital markets and insurance companies. We provide innovative IT solutions that enable them to manage operational risk, achieve sustainable growth and succeed in their digital transformation.

With Digicor’s talented expert’s team, IT infrastructure technology solutions, industry domain expertise and alluring methodologies, we enable our clients to adapt to new market trends, respond to regulatory requirements as well as drive innovation.


  • HPC solutions: Cutting-edge computing solutions to support the increasingly complex and mission-critical banking ecosystem.
  • Data storage solutions: We offer powerful development, legacy systems modernization, DevOps to sore complex data securely and efficiently.
  • Cloud and Big Data Analytics Solutions: We help clients enhance innovative strategies to digitally elevate customer experience along with the application of automation to optimize service management.

With Digicor’s IT infrastructure technology solutions, talented team of experts, industry domain expertise and unique methodologies, we help our discerning clients to respond to regulatory requirements, adapt to new market trends as well as drive innovation, customer loyalty and better decision-making.

Our precise services help the organizations transform, build a secure operational core, stability and system integration with modernized solutions and infrastructure such as like:

HPC solutions

HPC solutions

High-end computing solutions to support mission-critical and increasingly complex banking ecosystem

Data storage solutions

Data storage solutions

We offer agile development, DevOps, legacy systems modernization to store complex data efficiently and securely


Cloud and Big Data Analytics Solutions

We help clients apply automation to optimize service management while enabling innovative strategies to digitally enhance customer experience