Health & Medical

“Integrating infrastructure solutions & technology to provide valuable health care.”

Technological innovations have transformed the healthcare industry, making it efficient to offer valuable services that require active cooperation between hospital administrators and doctors to elevate the proficiency and quality of patient care.

A variety of custom applications, digital technologies, data security and smart IT infrastructure solutions are utilized by Digicor to help healthcare information practices. Our experts of healthcare infrastructure have years of expertise working with the healthcare industry and its statutory security needs along with compliance. Our services enable you to design, manage and deploy solutions that support patient information storage, improve operations and secure data transmission.

We offer a whole range of healthcare information technology solutions which are as follows:

  • Professional Consulting Services: Support IT strategic planning and alleviate IT risks with budget-friendly solutions to achieve your goals.
  • Cyber Security Services: Stay on top of potential threats and new government compliance whilst securing mission-critical data.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Elevate your networking and storage requirements effectively with high-end data storage and backup solutions.
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Applications Management: Monitoring systems and Customized application create better user experience and deliver faster results.
  • Networking solutions: The influx of electronic medical records can now be supported within an parasitical and secure environment.
  • Support Services: Our support is available 24/7 so customers are never left disadvantaged.