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IT solutions for law firms

Infrastructure solution and innovative technologies are bridging the gap in the legal industry in today’s fast-paced digital world, thus transforming the conventional ways and leading to a higher democratization of the industry. Paperwork is increased due to increased legal workload. This results in elongated business processes and tedious collaboration. With the growth of IT awareness, there is an increased use of IT infrastructure for legal practices to ensure reliable, secure and enhanced performance.

A brilliantly planned IT infrastructure roadmap needs the following:

  • Document management system, document collaboration
  • Time-tracking, on-time, quality delivery of the documents, billing contacts
  • Case management software
  • Email encryption, e-Discovery to meet regulatory standards
  • Increase audibility and robustness of document repository.
  • Automation of the practices
  • Robust cyber security

Cloud-based solutions, as well as server virtualization, are one of the most vital investments for any medium-size or large scale law firms. It helps to drive efficiencies and allows to automate the routine tasks for better service quality as well as cost predictability to the customers.

With proven experience, Digicor leverages driving-edge IT Technical solutions and holistic approach to operate, strategize and deploy IT environments to meet the changing demands of business and customer. Our extensively integrated IT solutions support attorneys across geographies, business agility, high-performance data center systems and a robust disaster recovery plan.