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Established in 1989,ASUS is a multinational company that is well known for the world’s best motherboards and high-quality servers. The company has revolutionized the PC and mobile industry, looking to rapidly develop virtual and augmented reality solutions as well as IOT devices and robotics technologies. In addition, ASUS is worldly renowned for their contribution to technology, awarded with many significant titles and certifications.

Virtualization Solution

Virtualization Solutions

ASUS servers are designed for extensive and adaptable server virtualization with VMWare certification. With ASUS server visualization, you will gain fast deployment, performance at scale, efficiency and the ability to provide high availability.

ASUS virtualization solutions is right for you if you are looking to:

  • Run multiple applications and operating systems independently on a single server
  • Transfer workloads easily from one virtual workplace to another
  • Configure and deploy new servers in a short timeframe, minutes instead of hours.
  • Reduce equipment and maximize server resources
  • Lower your data centre costs significantly with power and labour savings.
Container Solution

Container Solutions

ASUS provides a solution to virtualize applications within a container environment through the use of many orchestration programs such as Kubernetes. The company provides simple K8s (Kubernetes) deployment software that is easy to set up and scale out. The key factors for container solutions are easy deployment and maintenance.

ASUS offers a better container solution than the original Kubernetes solution through easy scale-out methods, deployment and multi-tenant management, satisfying a wide range of use cases needed in any enterprise setting.

AI Solution

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

ASUS is highly experienced in designed GPGPU servers fit for AI applications. Adopt clever systems that use intelligence to analyse, plan, problem solve, learn and adapt by taking information and gathering new data.

ASUS models ESC8000 G4 and ESC4000 G4 are suitable for model training and machine learning. House 8 GPU cards and ASUS-exclusive Adaptable Topology designed to enable switching between single and dual root via software. ESC4000 G4 can hold up to 4 GPU cards, optimal for AI training and up to 8 GPU cards for inferencing.

ASUS GPGPU servers enables a wide variety of possibility for your AI field-based needs.

High Performance Computing Solutions

High Performance Computing Solutions

ASUS pioneered several HPC technologies by providing what customers look for in a HPC cluster, with focus in raw performance, energy efficiency, price-performance or implementation help.

DiGiCOR and ASUS can help design your own symmetric or cluster architectures, building it to your specifications with assistance in deployment and ensuring it meets requirements.

Find optimum configurations with benchmark applications with ASUS technology and DiGiCOR services.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

We have a solution for medium to large enterprises, and managed and cloud service providers with ASUS optimised technology. The most widely used service type with ASUS is the optimised 2U, two socket server with the No.1 benchmark world record for performance.

ASUS 2U Servers are optimised with: high performance 205W CPUs, low-latency NVMe drives, and high-power GPUs for improved productivity in busy and competitive business environments

Empower your enterprise with ASUS-exclusive Performance Boost technology ideal for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) or software-defined storage (SDS) and Openstack solutions. ASUS servers are also equipped with ASUS Control Center, an exclusive management software that helps IT employees monitor hardware and software status, deploys software remotely and perform inventory reporting. With this, increasing efficiency and productivity which creates value for everyone.

Small and Medium Business Solutions

Small and Medium Business Solutions

DiGiCOR offers ASUS technology to create a wide variety of server form factors – tower and rackmounts, for various space settings and IT objectives. For example, tower servers TS100-E10 and TS300-E10 series and rack servers RS100-E10 and RS300-E10 series. These are optimized and would be ideal as a virtualization host with room to scale.

Facilitate efficiency and productivity ASUS TS/RS series servers are ideal for daily use such as file sharing, storage, virtual desktops and entry-level virtualization.

Workstation Solutions

Workstation Solutions

DiGiCOR provides ASUS workstation solutions for many industries. ASUS workstation technology with NVIDIA Quadro and multi graphic cards help satisfy content creation and media streaming, independent software vendor and VR implementation. In addition, helps bring a more convenient, cost effective and time-efficient use cases for professionals across different industries.