Budget Server, Special Offer, Cyber Monday, General Compute Server, 1U rackmount server, 2U rackmount server, Inspur Server, Affordable Server, Discounted Server Special offering for 1U and 2U servers powered by Intel Xeon fit for all purposes. Highly customisable and suitable for general compute, storage, scalable infrastructure, and web hosting.
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Customisable and scalable 1U and 2U servers that meet your computing needs, basic storage requirements, and provide stability to your operations.

Blog | One Server Fits All

November 15th 2019


One Server Fits All

Intel Xeon 1U and 2U servers for multi-purpose applications at an extremely low price.

Get special pricing for servers that advance your business

Customisable and scalable 1U and 2U servers that meet most computing needs.