Software Defined Storage

Software defined storage solutions are the future of the data center. They are equipped to meet the changing requirements of small or large enterprises by offering agility to the organization. An automated software totally manages the intelligent data centers and their configurations. Providing a solution to support both cloud computing solutions as well as legacy enterprise applications, Software-defined storage data centers are the next step for virtualization and cloud computing.

Digicor transforms your IT infrastructure with software defined storage services. Power-packed with features like replication, snapshots, deduplication, thin provisioning and another backup as well as data restore capabilities, our storage solutions lower the cost, automate the deployment and increase the flexibility of your IT infrastructure operations.

Having partnered with some of the world’s leading brands, Digicor offers disaster recovery, enhanced availability, and improved desktop experience along with integrated smart storage solutions for virtual environments. Digicor offers a variety of precise storage solutions that effortlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures along with end-to-end security solutions, modified specifically for our enterprise customers.

We provide innovative solutions in key partnership with the following brands:


VMware vSAN

Ceph (open-source)