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5G Solutions

Why 5G Computing?
The market continues to demand for innovative and intelligent network edge solutions. Organisations are now racing to integrate 5G technologies; data centres and global telecommunication operators are searching for the infrastructure to be their 5G solution. Industries of all sorts will be able to utalise 5G technology to innovate in their respective fields. DiGiCOR can assist you by enabling your business to be 5G compatible; our wide range of servers makes choosing the best option for you simple. The capabilities of 5G have limitless potential in your industry.
We help you by creating the perfect opportunity of being compatible within a 5G environment through our solutions that will fit your business objectives. With our wide range of servers, choosing the best option for you is simple. 5G will have a limitless amount of potential on how it can work for you.
How can we help you?
Our goal is to provide our expertise all businesses, big or small, we aim to assist them in finding the most suitable ocnfiguration of hardware and software bundles to optimise 5G's benefits of faster data rates, reduced latency and increased connectivity. Our partnerships with several leading IT vendors enables us to provide a diverse range of IT solutions in relation to 5G edge computing and O-RAN based solutions.

Why DiGiCOR?

5G is a very recent technological advancement; many industry leaders are already looking to capitlise on it, the is likely to dominate many markets.

DiGiCOR seeks to assist you in keeping up with modern trends and technological advancements; our partnerships enable us to offer our clients the latest hardware to power the greatest software.

We pursue a relationship in which we can remain by your side throughout your 5G journey, from the deployment aspects to the technicalities. Our local support teams in both New Zealand and Australia make getting quality support easy.

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