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Why DiGiCOR?

Public Cloud Vs On Premise

Our aim is to help you find the solution which best caters to your needs; whether it be a public cloud, on-premise or a hybrid. We can assist in the creation of a hyper converged environment to create a private cloud, or we can guide you with our partners who lead the cloud industry. We understand all businesses are different, we have different solutions for all businesses.

Digicor Public vs Premise Cloud
Digicor SMBs

Small Businesses

We make it our mission to advise small and medium businesses personally, to assist them in finding the best combination of both hardware and software to best satisfy their requirements.
Our partnerships with public cloud providers enable us to also ensure the best value in regard to a cloud-based solution. We can help our clients choose the most appropriate private or public cloud which will best aid their business needs.
We do not ask you to sacrifice on quality, our extensive range is entirely quality assured, we will assist you in your digital journey as you transform your workspace. Get in contact with us now to clear any queries and possibly find the solution to your demands, whilst staying in the constraints of your budget.

Local Support

We provide exceptional support throughout your entire journey. From the moment you contact our technical team, you will be assigned to one person who will personally handle all your queries henceforth. Your account manager will assist you in building your server, they have expertise and know everything regarding it, they will also handle any future queries after you have been using your product.
Our team will ensure that you always stay ahead of your competition, have access to the latest trends and technology. We will an extensive supply network and therefore will take the complexity out of the equation for you. Your server can be utilised to the simplicity of plug and play by us.

Local Support