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  • Simple installation and use
  • Exceptional cost/performance ratio
  • Purpose-built to resolve a market issue

AI Box
vehicle detection
Vehicle type detection & flow counting

The latest solution for real time surveliance video analytics. Utilising deep learning technology, the client is provided with a feasible solution.
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  • Keep a count of all passengers boarding and departing at each interval; ideal for resource scheduling and benefit evalutaiton
  • Cross check the count with actual ticket revenue
  • TC Telescope Intelligent traffic management Passenger flow counting
  • Improve resource scheduling
  • Reducing waiting time for passengers taking public transport
Passenger flow counting
Driver behavior detection
  • Audit driver behavior to prevent any disaster
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Ensure passengers’ safety
  • TC Telescope Intelligent traffic management
  • Dangerous driver behavior detection
  • Fatigue driving detection
  • Analyzing video automatically with batch analytics mode
  • Decreas e human resource and effort to do the analytics
  • React immediatly to prevent car accident at real time