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Smart City Light

Our Intelligent Streetlight can provide Digital Signage using Wi-Fi that connect to a back-office management system.

Having been implemented by the Hong Kong Government already, the smart parking meter is a proven system. This is an essential component for many cities, hence reliability and a proven track record should be essential.

smart city light
  • Gateways : 12
  • Pole high : 8M
  • Pole distance : 25m
  • Power consumption: 70W x2, 120W
  • Color temperature : 5000K

Given their technological situation; East Timor are prone to facing sudden power failures and therefore could not depend on Wi-Fi to operate their street lights. We provided them with a solar solution; this way regardless of the power situation, their lighting system will always maintain power. The people of Oecussi have expressed their gratitude towards our solution; they even told our partners that some individuals do their homework under these lights!

east timor

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