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Supermicro Cloud Managed Gateways

Deploying Cloud-managed Gateways, Simply and Securely

Your Managed Devices Are Safe and Secure

Supermicro Gateways and Servers Are Available as Managed Solutions

Organisations can streamline and simplify the deployment of edge hardware across their entire landscape with Supermicro’s cloud-managed gateways and edge computing devices. this range of high-performance, rugged devices enable organisations to move processing power out of the datacenter and closer to their edge. New devices arrive equipped with the Zededa’s Edge Services Platform (ESP) installed, allowing IT to remotely manage all initial and ongoing hardware orchestration.

Zededa’s Edge Services Platform offers 100% cloud-managed automation, visibility, and protection of edge applications and the hardware it runs on. It provides an automated, hardware agnostic, and secure operating model for mass-deployed edge devices and applications—eliminating manual configuration processes, requirements for on-site expertise, and any need for manual updates of software.

To get started, simply plug the new device into the network, power it on, and log into the Edge Services Platform console from any web browser. Technical expertise is not required at the deployment site.