Travel & Hospitality

“Enabling the transformation of the travel & hospitality landscape with high-end solutions and services.”

Leveraging the best technology to enhance guest experience, improve operational efficiency while reducing costs is crucial in the leisure, hospitality and travel industries.

Having the support of IT Infrastructure technology is the best way to keep up with the fast-growing and changing market. IT technology has made it indispensable for the Leisure, Hospitality & Travel service to synchronize their internal IT operations and optimize them with global networks along with the direct engagement of customers to maximize benefits.

With a proven record in the framing of hospitality systems, Digicor helps in optimizing data reporting and accelerating revenue. Digicor has highly regarded technology partners and with its outstanding IT Infrastructure Solutions, you can drive predictable business operations and operational excellence.

Increase growth and achieve business goals with future-ready IT infrastructure environments and take advantage of skilled IT support as our professionals define, design and execute customizable IT infrastructure strategies for you.

Our IT infrastructure technology solutions for Travel & Hospitality include:

Setting up

Setting up / Revamp or optimizing of current IT Infrastructure

Converged LANs

Converged LANs to support multiple services

Migration to

Migration to Cloud-based infrastructure

Security and Video

Security and Video surveillance infrastructure

Wi-Fi enabled

Wi-Fi enabled infrastructure


Mobile-enabled infrastructure

Digital conferencing

Digital conferencing facilities

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet access


Wireless communications

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol Phone & Television (IPTV)