Infrastructure Solutions

Organisations seeking increased agility, flexibility and scalability are transitioning to even more virtual and hybrid IT environments. Expensive and complicated, traditional IT infrastructure is becoming a thing of the past..

You need:

• Outstanding performance across physical and virtualised resources
• Cost efficiency through elimination of silos
• Fast deployment of a highly secure, proven infrastructure
• Support for business growth and new business initiatives

DiGiCOR provides the professional services to help you strategise and plan the technology solutions and guidance to set-up, run, optimise and secure your network servers, software applications and business services on-premises or in the cloud.

With extensive experience in the design, deployment and management of data centres, high performance computing and IT infrastructure – both traditional and cutting edge –DiGiCOR is your advisor every step of the way.

Infrastructure Compute, Virtualisation and High Performance Computing

The first step towards optimising and modernising your infrastructure is to evaluate – through consultation and analysis – to identify your needs, objectives and path forward.

DiGiCOR offers experienced consultative support, a broad range of Data Centre Compute, Virtualisation and High Performance Computing solutions, plus highly customisable implementations and managed services.

You need to take your current data structure to the next level. We build virtualised and cloud solutions to customer requirements and demand, taking you through the journey from design through to deployment. We have been creating custom technology solutions from the ground up since 1997.

Our high performance computing solutions are not just about throwing compute power at your challenges. Yes, we work with industry-leading partner technology to help you battle issues like low application scalability and hardware inefficiencies, but it’s the strategic approach that is important. The method is based on platform optimisation, guided by analysis of application requirements and directed by theory and modelling innovation.

Keeping the IT footprint small, yet giving you the capability to scale as required, DiGiCOR provides fast deployment of a highly secure, proven, high performance infrastructure that will improve your business agility while keeping costs down.

We bring a combination of vendor agnostic analysis and recommendations, plus long-standing relationships with world-leading technology partners to provide and implement the solution that is right for your business.

Infrastructure Storage (Traditional & Software Defined)

DiGiCOR understands that a major pain point for any organisation today is storage. Whether you store your data on premise, in a datacenter, in the Cloud and anything in-between (hybrid) we can help you navigate the complexity.

A winning storage strategy must:

  • Reduce IT management challenges and IT complexity
  • Maintain cost efficiency
  • Ensure security and reliability
  • Expand on-demand functionality
  • Provide flexibility and reliability

You need storage solutions built to ensure business continuity, disaster recovery, compliance and the rapid delivery of information to your business. DiGiCOR provides multi-vendor solutions to optimise your storage, archiving, retrieval, backup and recovery of data. Because your data is unique and one size does not fit all, each solution is tailored to meet your specific requirements, whether your preference is for Capex or Opex, or you are seeking a Flexible Pay per Use model.

Work with DiGiCOR to:

  • Understand the current state of your infrastructure and design a development roadmap
  • Keep information protected, compliant and available
  • Avoid loss of critical data through robust disaster recovery, backup and recovery
  • Categorise data based on value, importance and Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Reduce risk and complexity, driving down costs
  • Enhance service level agreements and improve the efficiency of administrators
  • Analyse ROI to show value and create the business case for future investments

Recognised as a server, storage and networking specialist in Australia and New Zealand, DiGiCOR offers world-leading open-standard hardware and adaptive Flash platforms, software-defined storage/networking and enterprise-class solutions designed for virtualised environments.

Networking Solutions

Your networking solution, upgrade, refresh or transformation must work in the context of your overall IT environment, no matter how complex it may be. You need a networking solution with the flexibility to support your business needs and the agility to support your growth objectives. Your ideal Trusted Advisor must have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of today’s virtualised and cloud environments.

DiGiCOR never looks at networking in isolation. We take a holistic view of your organisation’s IT infrastructure, needs and objectives. Because we look at the total IT life cycle based on broad expertise, we consider all your technology interdependencies to provide you with networking solutions on which you can depend, build and grow.

Need your networking refresh to work within an existing vendor contract? We’ve got you covered with strong relationships and expertise with the major networking providers, and can help you make the most of your technology investment.

If you’re not tied to a contract and are seeking agnostic and objective networking recommendations, we’ve got the breadth of knowledge and experience to offer you the best solution to fit your needs while ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and technology services.

Whether you are looking to build a network to specifications or rolling out new desktops and servers or everything in between, contact DiGiCOR.

Managed Services including Monitoring and Network Management

The future of infrastructure will look less like a data centre and more like a closely managed collection of service level agreements. Organisations regularly ask their IT teams to do more with less. As more services are outsourced, the IT footprint gets smaller but complexity grows.

For each and every service you need to manage user onboarding and access, Quality of Service (QoS), tracking and monitoring, right through to billing and vendor management covering a variety of contracts, processes and SLAs.

You can reduce your overall IT costs and increase productivity by strategically subcontracting deployment, integration, configuration and tracking. DiGiCOR’s mix of professional and managed services – covering servers, storage, networking, VOIP, desktops, laptops and printers – gives you the extra hand you need.

We can take the pain of managing infrastructure solutions away from busy CIOs, IT Managers and IT departments, managing your IT requirements during business hours and keeping things going after you close up shop.

Check out DiGiCOR’s range of Professional and Managed Services.