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Servers for Citrix


  • Agility in using Cloud without any Complexity- No risk of data loss
  • Security you can trust and will not slow your operations down
  • Citrix software brought to you by Digicor integrates diverse technologies, platforms, devices and cloud-Remote Desktop
  • Digicor enables Citrix solutions, which is easy to deploy technology
Citrix solutions help to drive digital transformation for any business type and size, from healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, retail to government businesses spanning across the globe. Digicor brings you this technology in collaboration with Supermicro servers as the hardware infrastructure that support Citrix solutions.
Digicor, in partnership with Citrix, evaluates individual business cases to listen to every challenge and then create a solution as per your needs. We provide our expert opinion in choosing the best hardware infrastructure and server in the most cost-effective manner, and that’s why we are one of the best IT solution providers for business optimisation


virtual desktop 

Transforming high-performance computing landscape by virtual desktops giving you the competitive advantage above other businesses.
Supermicro servers are made available to you at your doorstep by Digicor, and these servers are involved in transforming the high-performance computing landscape by providing virtual desktops that help businesses across industries to optimise their operational databases with high-end hardware infrastructure.
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the high-end technology that provides a high degree of flexibility and ease of management using limited resources. VDI’s are a rapidly growing technology trend that helps to centralise business functions leaving behind the large bulky machines cluttering every office desk. It enables you to connect with employees, users, customers anywhere and anytime saving on operating cost, time and resources. Digicor helps to migrate you across this virtual environment with ease with our expert engineers assisting you at every step, ensuring greater efficiency and return on investment, while minimising your business risks.
Digicor helps to transform your business functions from bulky machines to VDI’s – making your transformation easy with our expert engineers assisting at every step


Xen Hypervisor

Transforming high- performance computing landscape by virtual desktops giving you the competitive advantage above other businesses.

What’s more is Citrix Hypervisor it is a digital platform for workspace, networking and analytics that enables people to multi-task in an efficient manner, providing optimised server virtualisation. This software deploys all the applications and resources over any network from a central server delivering your applications on any device, making virtualisation a reality.

Citrix solutions offer a new cutting-edge technology which empowers the servers and with the collaboration of Citrix and NVIDIA’s unique vGPU capability in XenServer, it has become quite a success factor to offer unparalleled performance for remote delivery of graphic-intensive applications.

  • You can choose any from a wide range of Supermicro and Intel servers that are all Citrix certified. At Digicor, we help you finalise the right choice for your system, taking into account your performance and budget needs.
  • If you are confused, want an expert opinion or want a quote for any of these products, don’t hesitate to ask us, as we provide the most economical price giving you the best return on your investment options.


Top range of Supermicro Servers in hardware compatible list of Citrix

A+ Server 1013S-MTR


Designed for Citrix Web Hosting, VM, Citrix Cloud Computing, Citrix Connectivity/Storage and Computer Nodes.
It is one of the most affordable options amongst the first tier options in the infrastructure hardware market

SuperServer 1029GQ-TRT


Ideal 24×7 virtualisation solutions as a Citrix GPU server, 3D graphic & VDI, High GPU processing requirement, Oil & Gas Enterprise Server, Financial, 3D rendering and HPC

SuperServer 6029U-TR4


Gateway, provisioning Citrix servers, Compact Network Appliance, Citrix Cloud Computing.
It is one of the most affordable options amongst the first tier options in the infrastructure hardware marke

SuperServer 7049GP-TRT


Designed for Citrix Cloud Computing, High-End Citrix Server, Virtualisation and Hyperconverged Storage



Designed for 3D Rendering, Financial, Chemistry, Research Lab, HPC and Astrophysics

SuperServer 6019P-WTR

Designed for 3D Citrix Rendering, Astrophysics, Citrix Cloud Computing, Virtualisation and Chemistry, 3D graphic & VDI, High GPU processing requirement


Intel Server R1208WFTYSR


Ideal as a Critical Business Application Server compatible with Citrix solutions Web Tech and Citrix Machine Server
1U Rackmount Chassis, 8x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap bays Supports dual sockets Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family



Designed for Corporate Database compatible with Citrix solutions, Citrix Database Processing & Citrix Storage, Citrix HPC and Data Centre
2U Rackmount Chassis, 24x 2.5" SAS/SATA Hot-Swap bays Supports dual sockets Intel Xeon Scalable Processor family