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Alibaba Cloud
Ranked No. 1 in Asia Pacific by market share for IaaS and IUS in Gartner’s latest report

DiGiCOR partners with Alibaba Cloud have partnered to bring to you a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services, bringing convenience to scaling as you progress your business.

Recognised as one of the fastest growing public cloud providers in the world. DiGiCOR is proud to partner with the Alibaba Cloud team. They been helping customers with endless support in delivering cloud infrastructure, networking, security and big data solutions.

Digicor Alicloud Partner

Alibaba Cloud continue to create value for their client; by enabling more business opportunities in China through pioneering cloud and network solutions, they assist in improving performance and mitigating risk.

Alibaba Cloud provides customers with built-in security that can be accessed anywhere with easy to use deployment functions.

Having enabled several businesses to prosper, Alibaba is certainly the greatest option for those looking to expand their business activities in China or Asia Pacific.

Having been developed for several years, Alibaba’s Cloud services are extremely secure. Supporting the entirety of the Alibaba ecosystem, the technology is seen to be trusted by many large organisations. Leading technology in the industry assist greatly in identifying security threats and analysing risk.

In Australia, their local availability zones provide high- performance servers, robust infrastructure and comprehensive cloud computing services to enable your business.


DiGiCOR and Alibaba Cloud Partnership at a glance
  • In accordance with our partnership, DiGiCOR can communicate with Alibaba to secure the best price for your business
  • DiGiCOR also helps to arrange FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment and help customers in the designing of a cloud on-boarding roadmap via Alibaba Cloud
Digicor Alicloud Partnership

Digicor and Alibaba Cloud help you create better IT services for your business