Digicor Partners DiGiCOR is proud to partner with global leading corporations such as SUPERMICRO, Intel and Vmware, to provide clients with the best and local high-performance computing solutions at affordable levels.

Our Partners

DiGiCOR partners with industry giants to deliver best quality products, excellent services with strtegic IT solutions for all its customers to deliver critical business outcomes.

SUPERMICRO provides customers around the world with application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and GPU systems. Based on its advanced Server Building Block Solutions and system architecture innovations, SUPERMICRO offers the industry's most optimized selection for IT, datacentre and HPC deployments. We integrate SUPERMICRO servers and give you the flexibility, scalability, and customisation in your business. Using our SUPERMICRO configurator you can build your server and ask us to review it and make a fully functional server that meets your requirements and demands.

DiGiCOR partners with Intel to provide its innovative technology that helps you prepare for the future by delivering the latest IT solutions

DiGiCOR brings you VMware software that helps to streamline organisations to become digital businesses delivering better experiences by optimising their operational needs from computing, cloud, network and security.

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