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Our Partners

DiGiCOR partners with industry giants to deliver best quality products, excellent services with strtegic IT solutions for all its customers to deliver critical business outcomes.

World-renowned, trusted and reliable; SUPERMICRO continue to bring value to clients on a global scale. Their servers, storage solutions and workstations a built-on quality, made for high-performance with great levels of energy efficiency SUPERMICRO deliver the most optimised technology for IT, data centres and HPC deployments. DiGiCOR create the opportunity for you to personally configure a server to meet your requirements using SUPERMICRO technology, which we will review to ensure functionality. Essentially, we bring flexibility and scalability to your servers, whilst using products with recognised quality.

Ranking in the top 50 of Fortune 500 companies, Intel continues to supply cutting edge technology. DiGiCOR is proud to partner with a brand backed by achievements like no other. We have the utmost confidence in Intel’s ability to produce reliable products, as does the majority of industry leaders. Intel’s servers and cloud technology is sure to leave you satisfied.

DiGiCOR brings you VMware software that helps to streamline organisations to become digital businesses delivering better experiences by optimising their operational needs from computing, cloud, network and security.VMware software is designed to deliver you a better experience through the optimisation of operational needs for computing, cloud, network and security. All as a means to assist in the streamlining of your organisation into the digital world. DiGiCOR take pride in partnering with an organisation back by care for quality in their produce.