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Once a Silicon Valley start-up, SUPERMICRO have now established themselves as a multi-billion-dollar Fortune 1000 company. The organisation has established themselves as an industry leader of providing data centre solutions. In the past twenty-five years they have achieved a staggering 6x revenue growth.

Why Supermicro?

They provide an extensive range of products which include servers, storage, workstations and building blocks for ICT infrastructure. It was their attention to quality which allowed them to establish themselves as a global leader of providing efficient, performance server technology. They continue to contribute to green computing solutions for organisations through their continued developments.

DiGiCOR is proud to partner with SUPERMICRO. We serve as an intermediary to supply your business with the quality of SUPERMICRO’s trusted technology.

What is a supermicro server?

A Supermicro Server is a combination of hardware and x86-64 server technology as IT infrastructure. There is a wide range of product categories that Supermicro servers classify into such as: Supermicro blade servers, Supermicro storage servers, Supermicro workstations, Supermicro rackmount servers, Supermicro superservers, Supermicro gpu servers. Digicor offer a Supermicro configurator tool, where you will be able to implement technology such as Supermicro AMD EPYC, AMD servers, Tesla v100, and more, to fit your business requirements.

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