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Why DiGiCOR?

Resource Saving Architecture:

SUPERMICRO's resource-saving architecure continues to lead the market in green IT innovations; we are pleased to provide clients with an opportunity for TCO savings.
In an attempt to maximise our impact; the new design works to optimise data centre power, cooling, shared resources and refresh cycles. This approach aims to reuse system enclosures, enabling the modular refresh of subsystems and utilising optimised subsystems; including networking, storage, cooling, fans and power supplies. Disaggregating of the CPU allows for each component to be refreshed independantly which will reduce the refresh cycle cost of the CPU's. The implementation of this model in a datacentre has several positives outcomes:

  • Disaggregated design
  • Scalability
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Practical maintenance
Digicor Resource Saving Architecture

Mission: Green Computing

Furthering their contribution to green IT innovations; Supermicro challenge enterprises to reconsider the traditional costs of data centres and use a new metric - their total cost to the environment. Encouraging IT leaders to implement resource saving technologies to drastically cut down on electricity consumption and e-waste produced by their data centres to assist them in achieving specific goals by 2025. Supermicro has partnered with Intel and NASA to acheive this goal; they also assist studies concerning environment damage and wish to further assist by reducing their contribution to the existing problem.
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Success Story

Resource-Saving Architecture @ Fortune 100 Datacenter.
Taking the We Keep IT Green® mission to the next level, Supermicro’s disaggregated resource-saving systems are already deployed in volume at multiple Fortune 100 datacenters.
A particular Fortune 100 company has deployed over 50,000 MicroBlade™ disaggregated Intel® Xeon® processor based servers at its Silicon Valley data center. This is one of the world’s most energy efficient data centers with a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.06, to support its growing compute needs.
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Digicor Success Story - Resource Saving Architecture