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Virtualization Solutions

Why DiGiCOR?

Nutanix for Business Critical Applications

The power of cloud can assist in eliminating the complexities and costs of legacy IT. Start your cloud journey now. Intel hyper-converged infrastructure servers for Nutanix can greatly optimise your business as it:

  • Encourages leadership in technology
  • Designed for high computing density and large flash storage
  • Enhances business productivity
  • Accelerates deployments without IT infrastructure complexity
  • Maintains data protection and runs on any application with ease
  • Reduces IT resources decreasing hardware footprin
Digicor Nutanix Business Applications
Digicor SMBs

Infrastructure for VMWare

Offering a variety of servers from VMWare your configurations capabilities are large, not all of the give you the flexibility to expand and enhace your operations in the future. We have listed all of Intel and Supermicro vSAN ready nodes that you can use for your business and improve your operations on the go.
You do not need to be in a locked in to a contract if you need a plug and play solution that takes away the complexity of your daily operations.

People Centric Solutions

Flexibility and control, transforming the future of work agility in using cloud without any complexity security you can trust and will not slow your operations down Citrix software brought to you by DiGiCOR integrates diverse technologies, platforms, devices and cloud-remote desktop DiGIcOR enables Citrix solutions, which is easy to deploy technology.

  • Agility in using cloud without any complexity - no risk of data loss
  • Security you can trust and will not slow your operations down
  • Integrates diverse technologies, platforms, devices and cloud - remote desktop
  • Enable Citrix by gettting the best server for your needs it is an easy to deploy technology
Digicor People Centric Solution