Storage Bridge Bay NZ, SBB NZ, Storage Server NZ, Storage Chassis NZ, NVMe NZ, NVMe Platform NZ, PCI-E SSD NZ, SSD NZ, RAID/HBA NZ, RAID Card NZ, Riser Card NZ, Supermicro NZ, Super Micro NZ DiGiCOR provides Supermicro SuperStorage solutions New Zealand wide. Supermicro's extensive range of rackmount storage server solutions provides exceptionally high storage density while leveraging high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce TCO. The product line includes 2U, 3U, and 4U form factors, with each server capable of supporting up to 7 PCI expansion slots and Supermicro's wide line of DP and UP motherboards.

Supermicro Super Storage Server New Zealand

SUPERMICRO Super Storage server support node-based deployment strategies where CPU and HDD capacity scale together, also deployments can be expanded using JBODs for improved economy. Low-latency SSD applications, large media files requiring massive capacity and enterprise workloads looking for the highest performance, will benefit from SUPERMICRO's SAS 3.0(12Gbps) support and it also provides maximum data bandwidth.