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Seagate data storage solutions help to protect memories, business intelligence, communication records and so much more.

Seagate data storage products create reliable solutions with breakthrough R&D and precision engineering

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Digicor | Wolf SSD NAS

World’s First SSD for NAS

Seagate 110 SSD built specifically for NAS with 240 GB - 3.84 TB capabilities are certainly dependable, reliable and scalable hard drives.
AgileArray firmware included in each drive means your NAS enclosure is optimal for demanding 24/7 and multi-user environments.
Digicor | Exos Enterprise Seagate

Most Scalable Drives in the Industry

Data protection and management are a guaranteed with the Exos X series drives. Innovative technology made to work in highly scalable environments at efficient power consumption and weight, make them perfect for hyperscale applications. The certainly are an ideal choice for hyperscale applications and cloud data centres. Exos X series are the most scalable drives in the industry allowing you to cater for greater capacity in the future.
Digicor | Nytro SSD

Nytro Enterprise SSD: Leverage Flash Storage

If lightspeed storage is what you’re after, Seagate Nytro SSD series is certainly the solution for you. Supporting datasphere with raging speed to allow real-time business responsiveness, data can be made available at flash speeds. Boasting optimal performance, low latency and decreased power consumption, Seagate Nytro SSD series is optimal for dynamic data storage atmosphere.
Digicor Skyhawk

QSafe and Smart Security Surveillance

Offering an extensive array of HDD’s perfect for video surveillance and business analytics; Seagate are sure to have what the surveillance storage solution you’re after. Having dominated the data storage industry for 40 years Seagate have innovative technology for businesses looking to integrate AI technology to their surveillance. Having been awarded The Security Today New Product of the Year in 2019, they are a reliable solution to improving security measures.
Digicor | Barracuda Seagate

BarraCuda Internal Hard Drives

Originating from a history of reliability and innovation, the Barracuda range offers great versatility, speed and dependability. Equipped with multi-tier caching technology, performance will be noticeably greater with improved reading and writing capabilities. Data flow will be optimised as a result of NANd Flash, Dram and media cache technologies.
Digicor | Iron Wolf

The Frist 16 TB : Can you Handle?

Seagate provides hard drives with 16 TB offering a mix of innovation, scalability and responsiveness. These drives help you meet your data storage challenges with hard drives that deliver blazing performance and enormous capacity. Specially built for 24 x7 multiuser environments and high workload rates these drives offer optimal reliability and system scalability.

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