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AMD Partner


Digicor AMD Partner

Offering choice to customers; AMD Technology aim to uphold this with their modern computing solutions. DiGiCOR and AMD have partnered to give clients the opportunity to configure their own servers. Servers can consist of AMD EPYC processors which can contain 8 - 64 cores, alongside high-speed memory capabilities totalling up to 16 TB across eight memory channels.

Digicor AMD Partner

Our configurator allows you to build your own server; here AMD technology can be embedded into Supermicro A+ servers. The coupling of Supermicro’s H11 & H12 A+ servers with AMD EPYX series processors make for an optimal performance combination. Together, they deliver outstanding core density, bandwidth and incomparable I/O capacity.

Custom build servers to your needs

Expertise to ensure functionality

Extensive range satisfies your needs


DiGiCOR and AMD Partnership at a glance
  • Expertise and assistance in configuring a custom server to best meet your needs
  • Limited warranty and services to assist you in purchasing with confidence
  • DiGiCOR allows you to embed AMD technology with SUPERMICRO’s A+ servers
Digicor AMD Partnership

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