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As an Intel® Technology Provider, we bring the experience, expertise and training to act as a trusted advisor for your technology challenges. Talk to us about how we can enable your business success with our solutions and services.

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Intel Product Categories

Intel NUC

Ready to use complete Mini Computer with optimal performance powered by Intel ideal for entertainment, gaming and productivity features including a customisable board to choose between memory, storage and operating systems.

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DCB for Nutanix

The Intel Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix enterprise cloud platform are fully validated and certified as a configure-to-order solution. This solution is highly configurable to meet any compute, storage and networking requirements with the latest Intel technologies.

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DCB for vSAN

The Intel Data Centre Blocks for VMware vSAN for enterprise data centre infrastructure are fully optimised as a preconfigured solution to handle demanding and latency-sensitive use cases.

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1U Wolf Pass

This 1U rack server chassis supports the Intel® Server Board S2600WF family and up to four 3.5 inch drives to meet the diverse requirements of high-performance computing, storage and cloud workloads.

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2U Wolf Pass

Flexible and highly serviceable 2U rack server chassis for the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and Intel® Server Board S2600WF family.

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Coyote Pass

The Intel® Server System M50CYP Family is designed to be your primary workhorse server for all your mainstream needs, including collaboration, storage, database, web server, ecommerce, analytics, and more.

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Our Partnership with Intel

We have been in partnership with Intel for over 20 years as a key source within Australia and New Zealand.

This made it simple for us to assemble and vigorously test every Intel product, and provide peace of mind through warranty and storing critical parts in our local warehouse. Take your business to the next level with us, Intel’s key ANZ partner.

Q & A

The Intel server infrastructure is designed to provide a performance-optimized data centre that is suitable for high-performance computing and AI applications. These servers & server systems (which include gpu servers and Intel based servers) deliver industry-leading CPU performance, as well as improved memory bandwidth, accelerated inference, multi-chip packaging, and other features.

At DiGiCOR, we strive to provide completely customizable Intel services, products and servers at a reasonable cost. We have the experience, skills, and training to serve as a trusted advisor for your technology issues as a reliable Intel® Technology Provider, reseller, distributor and configurator. Let us know how our solutions and services could help your company grow and succeed.

Looking to buy and configure an Intel solution in Australia or New Zealand? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve partnered with Intel to provide you with the latest technologies and computing solutions that fit your business needs and use case. As Australia’s first choice reseller and supplier of Intel systems, we configure, build and develop the optimal solution to give your business the competitive edge.

Intel server solutions and other related hardware technologies such as CPUs are manufactured in sites across the United States, Ireland, Malaysia, Costa Rica and China.

Many enterprises and corporations that have integrated Intel server solutions into their data centre have preferred the holistic solution that Intel can provide from the ground-up. This is featured through the whole Intel product range from their leading processors, security features, high performance and low latency networking and breakthrough memory (such as Optane Pmem) and storage capacity.

  • 1. Choose the type of Intel Server you want to configure.
  • 2. Customise the processor, memory, storage, network cards, raid controllers and operating system to fit your preferences.
  • 3. Add on any extras like additional licensing, server management or warranty services.
  • 4. Submit your quote tous and we’ll get backto you quickly!
  • Do you have any questions about Intel ?

    Our support team is available for you anytime.


    Use Cases & Solutions

    Widest Range

    World Class Quality

    Intel Server Boards, Intel Server Systems and Intel Server chassis have been rigorously tested and extensively validated through the foundation of industry-leading and high-quality technology.

    High Performance

    Feature-Rich Products

    Intel Server Boards and Intel Server Systems have been designed to cater towards various server use cases and customisation flexibility in performance, power and cost to meet current and future workload demands.


    Tailored Data Centre Blocks

    Intel Data Centre Blocks (Intel DCB) provide businesses with a purpose-built and fully validated solution that satisfies the requirements of specifications in use case and cost.

    Most Optimised Designs


    We are able to communicate Intel’s unmatched customer experience by delivering a standard three-year next business warranty, access to experts, and the peace-of-mind of having Intel in your corner.

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