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Digicor NVIDIA Partner

Nvidia offers Supercharged Computing for demanding workloads coming from any industry - be it scientists, designers, artists or financial analysts

A constant need for better 3D graphics has seen NVIDIA dominate the market in GPU. Consistently innovating the industry, NVIDIA offers supercharged computing for every industry. They have remained an industry powerhouse for many years with their consistent improvements to technology, and their ability to satisfy their customers.

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NVIDIA Provides the Future of GPU Computing

Significantly accelerating performances, GPU Computing paves a very optimistic future. Leading the industry, NVIDIA GPU Computing has its sights on providing a 1,000X speed-up by 2025!

NVIDIA TESLA- The Fastest and Most Productive GPU for AI and HPC

At the forefront of technology, the NVIDIA Tesla is sure to be the world’s most advanced data centre GPUs. NVIDIA Tesla will boost the most demanding HPC and hyperscale data centre workloads.
Digicor | NVIDIA Modern graphic

Modern Computer Graphics with NVIDIA

With the ability to do real-time programmable shading; NVIDIA technology pave further optimism in visual computing and delivering an infinite palette.
NVIDIA | Quadro Solution

Quadro In Desktop Workstations

Quadro RTX Powered Workstations offer GPU accelerated ray tracing, deep learning, and advanced shading. The Quadro RTX is very evidently built for professionals with demanding needs, there is no doubt they can provide the performance, stability, and reliability required by professionals.
Digicor | NVIDIA HPC

World’s Fastest Super Computers

NVIDIA are sure to lead the industry in their commercial production of the worlds fasted super computers; they will be an integral player to the industry of technological developments.

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