JBOD (just a bunch of disks/drives)

JBOD storage solution

With advancement in the technology, data storage solutions are improving leveraging benefits offered by each technology. Streamline storage solutions to meet complex data analytic workloads with the help of JBOD data storage solutions that are disk configurators which vendors can provide to increase storage capacity to meet huge demands.

They are big collections of disk drives which can be accessed as separate drives from single host computers or servers. JBOD is a simple and affordable way to provide high density storage and is usually implemented as a chassis enclosed with multiple drives that fit into standard server racks.

We are an industry-leading provider of data storage solutions allowing organizations to expand their current storage pool with the enterprise-grade storage via SAS connectivity. When it comes to expanding server storage capacity, JBOD is simple to understand, easy to set up and offer useless customization and expansion options. Our portfolio includes 2U, 3U, 4U sizes for configuration.